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Passion for pizza and planes


Here in Fairbanks, people love airplanes. We also love good pizza. With those two basic tenets in mind, the idea for East Ramp Wood-fired Pizza was launched.

This is a spot where you can enjoy both-- we are located right next to the Fairbanks Airport tower and look out over both runways. Come in and choose your toppings, order up a drink and we will cook your pizza in our Woodstone oven at about 625 degrees in just a few minutes. We use Caputo 00 flour imported from Italy for our freshly-made dough, Ciao tomatoes for the homemade sauce, and Grande cheese to top off your made-to-order pizza. Pair it with an Alaskan craft beer, glass of wine or a soft drink and enjoy the warmth of the fire.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Cooking on a Woodstone oven
Cessna 172 at Fairbanks airport
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